Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Stay at home Dads are going to hell?

Does anyone else find this disturbing?


"Hell is your future home?" Wow.

Make no misunderstanding, laziness is wrong, however he really makes no distinction and just says that if you're calling yourself, "Mr. Mom", hell is your future home. Also indicates it's wrong if the wife is the breadwinner.

Why do some preachers (or people in general) feel it's any of their business who works outside the home in the family, how much money they make, or who spends the majority of the time caring for the kids?

The important thing is, does the job get done? Does it work for the family? This is all that matters.

Time to change the channel.


A Hoosier Family said...

I don't think that is what Bro.Haggee is referring to (stay at home Dads.) Laziness is a huge problem and there are many capable young men who should be working, but don't due to laziness. It's much more fun to stay at home and play video games. I understand and can see where he's coming from. So, no I don't find it disturbing. :0)

Anonymous said...


So the guy in my church who's in a wheelchair who stays home and takes care of his two kids while his wife works full time is going to hell?!?!?

I guess my husband was headed for hell when he worked from home trying to get our theatre company off the ground and worked part time at the church while I worked full time...thank goodness he saw the light...GLOW-RAY!!!

I was telling someone once that my husband and I feel blessed with our jobs because when we have kids, we will probably be able to arrange our schedules so that one of us is with the kids the majority of the time, and was told, "Yes, but it is the MOTHER'S place to take care of the kids!!!"

So...my husband just gets to deposit the sperm and then go his merry way? These are the same people who rail against daycare centers and deadbeat dads, and then when fathers step up and take equal responsibility for taking care of the kids, they rail against the families for giving up their "traditional" roles.

Some people will never be happy...
if only they would get a life and start using their big mouths to preach the gospel and get people saved.

Yeah, you're right - I have a very strong reaction to that!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. What an idiot. I HOPE that the person that the thing behind the mic was talking about was those that are too lazy to do anything and just leave the problem to someone else.or something like that.

Anonymous said...

Except that he specifically said "those who call yourself 'Mr. Mom,' you are just lazy bums."

To me, that does sound like it's referring to stay-at-home dads. Most young guys who stay at home and play video games are not referring to themselves at "Mr. Mom," or "stay at home dads."

Deanna Shrodes said...

Right Leanne, that is what I thought. The "Mr. Mom" thing was what caught my ears, as well as the "while your wife supports you..." (the Mr. Mom though, mostly.) By the way I'm not the only one posting this...apparently it's taken off since Todd Palin has come onto the national news scene, this video is circulating...