Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Women are leaving
the church in droves!

Last week I posted this about Runaway Women. I've seen and felt this for years on a personal level and seen huge ramifications coming for the church at large, but never saw a research study done on it. Apparently one has been done and the results are absolutely staggering. Read about it here. Among other things, the article states that at least 50,000 women a year are leaving the church because it is no longer relevant in a world where females are empowered to do and be anything they want. Many women see the disconnect with this in the church and want nothing to do with it.

Sadly some women are even turning to cults and false religions because there they have found more acceptance when it comes to utilization of their gifts and talents in the area of leadership. Others have completely abandoned the idea of church altogether because they view it as a place of male hierarchy.

Been sayin' this for years folks...

The article goes on to say the hope of turning it around is in getting more female "bishops" as they worded it (translation: leaders in the top posts of our churches) and in becoming user friendly to single Moms and those working outside the home who comprise the majority of the female population.


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Singing Owl said...

Distressing...but we knew it was coming. I think I'll link to the article over at my place.