Wednesday, April 15, 2009're one of THOSE?

By Guest Blogger: Pastor Leanne Weber

If I ever needed proof that a blog of this nature was necessary [if, for no one else, then for me!], that proof has just been provided for me.

I just overheard a conversation - one that I did not dare jump into, because I am in the office and do need to maintain somewhat of a professional demeanor - in which my very calling was challenged. If not directly, then definitely by proxy!

The person speaking - I'll call him Elmer (mainly because I do not know anyone named Elmer, and so no one can possibly accuse me of talking about them!) first brought up a heated debate he had had with a woman he knew who said that she was a liberated woman...

He said, "Oh, so you're one of those Christian feminists? I keep looking for them in the Bible, but I can't seem to find them!" She explained that she had been formed and designed by God, and he countered with some mumbo jumbo about how man was formed first, and then woman was formed FROM man, and so therefore, man leads and woman follows. Huh? First, the woman in question is single. Therefore, she is not in submission to any man, other than her pastor as her spiritual authority [and even then, there are limitations to how far that authority reaches!]. The Bible commands wives to submit to their husbands. No matter what your definition of "submission" is, and I'd venture to guess that this man's definition is vastly different than mine, the Bible does NOT say, "All women submit to all men."

To his credit, he was saying that he needed to call and apologize to this woman - but not for his "Biblical point of view," as he made sure to point out. His apology was simply for letting the conversation become heated. He went on to talk about how he would not put a sign in his yard for a woman in the church who was running for city office, because he cannot support a woman in that position. She did win her seat, despite his lack of support...This was when I literally had to force myself to sit in my chair and not respond. Because basically, in the course of about five minutes, this man basically said:

*All women are to be in submission to all men.

*God did not create any women with a specific design, other than to follow a man's lead.

*God does not call women to any type of leadership position, because they belong at home with their families, 100% of the time.

And in one fell swoop, he basically [in his mind!] completely invalidated my calling.

Maybe he thinks it's okay now, since I don't have kids, but will be an outspoken opponent of me and my ministry once I do have them. Maybe it's okay in his eyes because my husband and I do work as a team. Or maybe he's just biding his time, thinking that I'll leave soon.

Well...I have news for him: I'm not going anywhere. I WAS designed by my Creator for a specific task that ONLY I CAN DO. I am not His "Plan B." I am not doing this job because a man said no. I am doing this job because God looked out and saw that I was the one who was needed in this job at this particular time in history. And if his is, as he says, the "Biblical" position, bring it on!

For as much as he throws around the word "Biblical," I have only heard one verse used to defend his position. I look forward to discussing with him all sorts of passages from Scripture...that is, if he will acknowledge the fact that some women can read.

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